Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Last Post

Dear wise readers,

Thank you for reading this blog.
Until this day, my absence from blog has allowed me to experience life in many ways only God knows the weight of the burden.

I, Hidayuki, has decided to stop blogging here to give myself a chance to start anew on a new blog.
Upon starting a new blog, I want to learn to make use of blogging technology to the most of it.

I hope to start a more useful and powerful blog that can reach others and bring help to one's lost soul.
I am just another human being.
May all the sharings I have done so far benefits you all,

Again, thank you for all the moments we shared here.
Until another time. :)

I will start blogging here as Lea Fenouil. Feel free to visit my new blog at


Friday, April 10, 2015

Hidayuki's Whereabouts

Where have I been since the last few months?
Living my life. ≧﹏≦

I became a Student Council member in late January and have been busy running errands and tasks here and there...

And there's our activities:
1. Karnival Permainan Sukan Tradisional
2. Ceramah Bina Insan Guru Fasa 5
3. Merentas Desa
4. Lawatan Penandaarasan Bina Insan Guru Fasa 5
5. Lawatan Ilmiah PRA3093 & PRA3103 to Kota Samarahan, Sarawak.
6. Lawatan Ilmiah PJM3123E to Kota Samarahan, Sarawak.
7. Bengkel Praktikum for 2 days.
8. Konsert Dunia 3 Melodirama PISMP Prasekolah.

And not to mention the smaller ones like meetings and  doing assignments and homeworks.

Yet... I've been working on my performance as well. ♥ I participated in English Week's Talent Night. In the preliminary round, I performed a solo musical. And in the final, I sang "Can't Help Falling in Love with You".

Guess what??
I got 3rd Place!! ����❤

It's been a hectic one to pack and plan time wisely yet I'm happy to have experiences like this. (^^)

I can learn everything I can't find in books and internet only.

Gambatte!! ��


Hello~! ☆
This is Hidayuki ♥

How are you, wise readers?
I hope everything is going well despite the bitter sweet obstacles in life. (^^)

Hidayuki is fighting as well!

Surviving life that is... in study, in singing, in dancing, and everything that came in stumbling to me.  (o^^)o ganbatte~!!

And seems like I still have a long~~~ way to keep up blogging. (^^') I'm sorry for always being missing in action...

Well then, right now I'm working on our concert for my class, PISMP Prasekolah Januari '13. It's our 3rd concert... and also the swcond last. (π_π) it's kind of sad thinking about it that way but then let's build lovely memories with everyone! *^▁^* So then, ganbatte!!

We gladly invites everyone to our concert, Konsert Dunia 3 Melodirama tonight at Dewan Tan Sri Suffian Koroh, IPG Kampus Keningau. ☆

Monday, January 19, 2015



だから、昨年よりもっと力をさせてあげたいんだと思います。  (o^^)oo(^^o)


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